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I suggested to Bruce Arnott that every ‘discovery’ regarding this story.. ‘shapes’ the premise of a documentary. He’s a descendant of Mary Arnott who was carried in 1928, through the waves to safety in a shawl.

His research and the existing ‘facts’ and ‘fictions’.. combine with new little gems discovered regarding broad aspects or specific events or people. I’ve created a text ‘timeline’ to help link actual events to known articles, references, stories.

A good example of a topic that needs more research and relevant reference imagery is George Harvey. Every aspect of this story points to a very courageous, capable and resourceful seaman/fisherman who’s children enacted the rescue as he did, while he coordinated surviving crew and ship’s boats as well as ensuring all survivors were cared for on the beach, as well at his home with his wife.

Another example is Wreck Rock, and the sunker, ‘bad neighbor. We’d like to confirm location, get reference imagery. Similarly, the beach & Isle Aux Morts environs. Reference photos.. map this visually.

Moving on to a look at possible media that seem to spring from this story.. here’s a breakdown.

Blog: I’d like this blog to be more ‘story-telling’ visually, from this point. So I want to add a sample ‘page’ and will do so later. The sample will preview a page of a Book, a Scene in a Documentary, a Web Page, and an aspect of a Fictional Feature Film.

Book: Almost a ‘ship’s log’ but very visual, with widescreen, horizontal layout. Light textured paper embossed with entries. Artifacts, text, drawings, interviews, footage, production or research comments, footnotes. The book and documentary are essentially the same ‘document’ ..

Documentary: Widescreen High Definition video. Created at highest attainable resolution with versioning to lower resolution as required. High Definition Public Broadcasters an example. Online delivery another example. DVD or Blue Ray for retail or Institutional distribution. Emulates the Book layout & content.

Web: Again, a reflection of the Book, and the Documentary.. but presents interactivity.

Fiction Feature Film: The actual Historical events are encompassed within a modern scenario that starts in Seattle, Washington with two teenagers, but quickly moves to Newfoundland where a key ‘artist’ character is creating the type of ‘pages’ or ‘scenes’ described above.. When you see the sample page I’m suggesting, think in terms that she created it.

Ambitious.. to imagine 5 distinct media stemming from one story. !!


Written by annharvey

May 26, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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  1. Ambitious – yes – focused not!

    Would be valueable to have an outline that tells the story then inspires and motivates you to want more.

    Currently I feel like I am missing the vision that has inspired you to this story.

    Love the Blog as a medium to organically grow, discover, connect, explore what might be in this story

    John Watt

    May 27, 2008 at 3:03 pm

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