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Captain James Cook, The Grenville, 1755

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Three leagues and a half to the Westward of Rose Blanche Point, is Conny Bay, and Otter Bay; the latter is good anchorage for shipping in 7, 8 and 9 fathoms, but it is dangerous in going in, because of several sunken rocks without the passage, which in fine weather do not shew themselves.

West 3 quarters South, 4 leagues from Rose Blanche Point, are the Dead Islands, which lay close under the shore; in the passage between them and the main is good anchorage for shipping, in 6, 7 and 8 fathoms, sheltered from all winds, but is very dangerous going in unless well known, by reason of several sunken rocks lying in both at the East and West entrance. The entrance from the Eastward may be known by a very white spot on one of the islands: Bring this white spot to bear N.W. by N. and steer for it, keeping the rocks on the starboard hand nearest on board, and leave the island on which the white spot is on your larboard side. The West entrance may be known by a tolerable high white point on the main, a little to the Westward of the islands, on the West part of this point is a green hillock; keep this white point close on board, until you are within a little round rock, lying close to the Westernmost island, at the East point of the entrance; then haul over to the Eastward for the Great Island, (on which is a high hill) and steer in N.E. by E. half E, keeping the little rock before-mentioned in sight.

From the Dead Isles to Port au Basques, the course is west 4 miles: between them lie several small islands close under the shore, and sunken rocks, some of which are half a mile from the shore.


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  1. ! extraordinaire post sur l’immobilier… Je vois exceptionnellement des √©ditorials de ce type

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