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Date ? George and brother Tom Harvey & wives, Isle of Jersey, come to Newfoundland (George age 27 ?)

The Despatch, 100 foot Brig, 187 Gross Tons, Captain William Lancaster.. Ships Master, part owner.. Registered out of Workington in 1828, launched February 28, 1801, built at Whitehaven by Thomas Kirk.

1811 or 1812 Ann Harvey born, Father George Harvey, Mother Jane Harvey. Ann is the eldest of 10 children the Harvey’s will have, Thomas will be born in 1816. 

1828 Ann marries Charles Gilliam (who was born 1798 Cape Ray) 1st child Charles is born in 1829 in Pointe Blanche, they will have 8 children (is Charles Gilliam the son of Michael Gilliam, the pilot at Port Aux Basques ?) (Assumed they married after the wreck and rescue.. but not confirmed)

May 29 1828, The Despatch sails from Derry, Ireland, 211 aboard including 11 crew. (note Captain’s brother is 1st Mate & survived.. trace him, Henry Lancaster) Westerlies via Great Northern Circle Route (usually a cold wind & ‘on the nose” thus they would be tacking constantly)

Mid June Despatch is crossing edge of Grand Banks (per ‘Sea Stories of Newfoundland’)

June 19 entered fog for 10 straight days (per ‘Sea Stories of Newfoundland’)

June 30 to July 7th no ‘observations’ possible but saw land believed to be Cape Chapeau Rouge on western side of Placentia Bay

July 7 fog is constant but wind from southeast is good (further info re the passage, would be priceless !)

Thurs July 10, 1828 altered course to NW for N, thinking they are abeam of  Cape Ray

Despatch grounds at approx 6:00 PM, fog and SE winds, 47° 36′ 0″ North, 59° 1′ 0″ West. Rock spotted 3-4 points off lee bow, heavy swell ‘emptied sails’ preventing response. Wreck Rock just inshore from ‘Bad Neighbor’ 1/2 mile from shore & approx 9 miles E of Port Aux Basques (between ‘Dead Islands and Burgeo Islands per Reverend William Marshall) (near Hickock’s Point, halfway between Burnt Islands and Isle Aux Morts .. per Kevin Hardy)

Captain Lancaster lost during launch of jollyboat (need info, ref re jollyboat) longboat launched, (1st Officer Coughlan) and is tied to ship overnight

Friday July 11, longboat reaches shore, heavy surf (how many aboard ?)

Saturday July 12 (evening) jollyboat gets to lee of Wreck Rock and with dog’s help 6 survivors get to jollyboat & ashore. The Harvey’s see wreckage this same day.

Sunday July 13 6:00 AM Harvey’s arrive from Isle Aux Morts 4 miles away, heavy seas till 6:00 PM when 60 rescued via 3 boats, 7 survivors taken to Harvey home

Monday July 14 heavier surf allows only 30 to be rescued, 47 survivors taken to Harvey Home

Tuesday July 15 last survivors taken off rock, it appears some may have been taken to Blanche Rouge.

Wednesday July 16 George Harvey (in Western Boat) makes 2 trips to Port Aux Basques

Thurs July 17 The Tyne under Captain Sir Richard Grant leaves Cape Ray & heads to Port Aux Basques having received word of the shipwreck

Friday July 18, 6:00 AM dense fog and South wind, Tyne is piloted approx 10:00 AM into Port Aux Basque by Michael Gillam. George Harvey is in Port Aux Basques on July 18 in Captain Grant’s letter and it appears he made at least two trips on the Wednesday to get survivors to Port Aux Basques. Henry Lancaster validates the dog as being part of the rescue (Grant letter)

Saturday July 19 Lieutenant Gordon (Tyne), with 2 Gillam sons as pilots and George Harvey return with last survivors

July 26 Tyne takes survivors to Halifax. Most survivors disperse (How?)

Colonial Brig Kingfisher (Captain Rayside) moves Arnott’s on to Quebec

? Where were most of the passengers actually headed to .. ?

1828 Ann Harvey married Charles Gilliam (did they meet as result of Despatch ?)

1830 Edward Wix meets Ann Harvey and presents medal at Seal’s Cove, Dead Islands. During a later visit (1835) he will stay with host George Harvie and go on to Port Aux Basques where he christens his host Michael Guillam’s grandchild and notes that Guillam’s wife and Thomas Harvie’s wife have died since his first visit. 

1838 Rankin, Captain Alexander Mitchell, crew of 25 rescued

1839 Joseph Jukes meets George Harvey 

1845 Ann’s last child, Thomas Guillaume is born, christened by Rev. Blackmore in Isle Aux Morts. as well as Frances & Sarah Guillaume of Michael & Elizabeth and later at Margaree christens Maria Guillaume of William & Catherine.

1859 George Harvey died & buried at Isle Aux Morts (see pictures of gravesite)

1860 Anne Harvey died Connior Bay & buried near Port Aux Basques

The Arnott ‘Shawl’ is in possession of family

July 17, 1987 CCG Cutter Anne Harvey commissioned

Ann Harvey Trail named

Anne Gillam headstone removed (per Kevin Hardy article)

July 2007 Ann Harvey Days

February, 2008 Nomination of Ann Harvey to HSMBC (Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada) as a woman of historical significance

July, 2008 Nomination of Ann Harvey not approved by HSMBC.. ‘insufficient documentation’


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  1. wonderful. Does anyone have a picture of Ann.? She was my own grandmothers grandmother, but no picture has been found. I have Ann on my family tree, but would love a likeness of her, perhaps impossible, but you never know, but I doubt many photos were taken during that time.

    Barbara Young

    May 2, 2012 at 8:57 am

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