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A previous post mentioned ‘what’s involved’ in moving a Documentary project forward.. from an idea.. to a reality. Although there are numerous research contacts still to be initiated as well as ‘creative aspects’ to develop and explore.. we have developed a Preliminary Script Outline.

The Outline specifies locations we would like to shoot, identifies people we want to interview, the nature of ‘support imagery’ we need to gather or create, and how On-Camera Host(s) and Cameo Appearances bind the overall story together. Aspects of the Soundtrack are included in the Outline, suggesting how Narration, Music and Sound Effects will contribute to the production.

We have started ‘Querying’ possible Production Partners to determine their interest in the project. Typically these are companies with exceptional track records in the production of high-end Documentaries for International Distribution. I’ll update later in regard to this aspect.

I’ll add a brief technical note at this point. Our design is based on High Definition production and post-production. Ideally, all On-Camera Host shooting, Interviews and Location shooting will be shot in High Definition.. though we can incorporate lower definition footage. All ‘Support Imagery’ such as photographs, artifacts or documents, maps, and graphic elements much be packaged or edited in the same High Definition format. The finished program can be ‘down-sized’ or exported to a variety of formats, whether for DVD, On-line via the Web, or for Standard Television format.

I’ll also update later in regard to contacts and liaison we’ve initiated re shooting in Newfoundland or other locations in support of this story, as well as who we’re contacting to support the creation of ‘Support Imagery’ mentioned earlier.. and regarding On-Camera Host(s) or Cameo Appearances and Narration.


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June 10, 2008 at 12:29 pm

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