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Documentary Outline

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June 9, 2008

Ann Harvey Documentary Script Outline

Copyright 2008 Thomas D’Arcy O’Donnell

A ‘shortlist’ of people who should be interviewed.. in no particular order. Blanford Billard (Harvey descendant), Bruce Arnott (survivor descendant), Kevin Major (author, historian), CCGS Ann Harvey Skipper, Linda Baillie (survivor descendant), Mary Stengel (survivor descendant), Kirk Butt (historian), Clayton Cook (Harvey descendant, historian), Don Crewe (musician), David Blackwood (artist), Ches Frampton (Harvey descendant) Anne Walsh (writer), Geoff Butler (artist, writer) Michael Harrington descendants (Author), Keeping descendants (Burnt Island)

Music, SFX

coordinates .. 47° 36 0 North, 59° 1 0 West

the rock (known as ‘Bad Neighbor’ or Wreck Rock

Time lapse (from shore at Isle Aux Morts)

wild and beautiful shoreline (from the water)

meridian .. land, water, sky ..

Narration voice, Host

“This is the very edge of North America” (a young, lilting, female voice)


OK.. that’s a start…

below are further Ideas or ‘Topics’ to explore/visualize .. (and to be organized)

and ideas about how they are explained by various interviews

and who those interviews might be with (and why)


The exact spot where the Harvey’s lived

The approach to Isle Aux Morts shoals (heading North NorthWest)


A dory

Captain James Cook’s sailing directions

Scripted as: photo reference of Cook’s direction and read by host or guest narration

Visual support: possible archival map


Where the survivors were landed

Scripted as: On Camera Host shot on beach, describes aspects of the rescue.


A survivor descendant

A ‘lee shore’

Port Aux Basques


A Harvey descendant

This would be scripted as – 30 second interview  clip with Blanford Billard

Possible location of interview: Standing beside the grave of George Harvey (Isle Aux Morts)

Content of interview clip: Blanford explains how/when George Harvey, brother Tom & their wives emigrated to Newfoundland


A map of Newfoundland

A working fisherman

A gale

A codfish


A lighthouse

Scripted as 30 second Narration: explanation that these lighthouses were built after 1830’s

Support Imagery: B-Roll footage of Rose Blanche Lighthouse at dusk


A Newfie

Aboard a working Brig

A safe port


A Newfoundland Dog

A shipwreck


Aboard the Ann Harvey

Scripted as: On-Camera Host with skipper on bridge of Ann Harvey

Hosts prompts skipper to explain why ship was commissioned in Anne’s name

and the patrol mandate of the ship per Newfoundland & Labrador


Out on The Grand Banks

A graveyard

A Brig or Schooner underway (imagine 400 of them racing to Labrador)

The eastern shore of Newfoundland

A sense of thousands of shipwrecks

Rounding Cape Race

The rowing route/experience from the beach to Isle Aux Morts


The rowing route/experience from Isle Aux Morts to Port Aux Basques

Scripted as: On-Camera Host rows as Ann Harvey did, after the initial rescue

and explains how/why survivors were moved

Additional support imagery: A map showing exact route along the shore


Sailing to Halifax

Seeing Cape Ray on your starboard side enroute to Quebec

“Canada eh”


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June 7, 2008 at 12:46 pm

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  1. hello Ann…..My name is Lloyd Pretty,visual artist. I live in Stephenville. I am putting a proposal together to the Isle Aux Mort Developement Association or who ever else has an intrest in the Ann Harvey Saga.

    My inention is to create a series of Authentically correct paintings based on the event. I will begin with a family in Ireland making ready to go to Londonderry for passage to the new world. From that point the artwork will represent dock side,loading,details of the ship,the high seas,the fog and storm,the cold and wet,the agony of the passengers,the wreck.the first hours and then days,the rescue,Ann hersellf, her home life,her family and all the post activity that took place following the rescue including following some of the familys to their new home….A book and video documenting the series will be included . I also will be producing figurines of Ann, her dog and possibly the rest of her family…..I am hoping that this is something that will be of intrest to you. If so please emil me,or call 709 643 8586


    lloyd pretty

    January 7, 2009 at 11:43 pm

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