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Status Quo re Queries etc.

MarbleMedia (Canada) Query & Background Information submitted via online web form August 16, 2010

Antica Productions (Canada) Email Query July 12, 2010. Prompt friendly decline from Stuart Coxe due to legal issues. Submissions must be brought forward by an agent.

SK Productions (Canada) Email Query re potential interest and submission protocol June 25, 2010. No response

Shaftesbury Films (Canada) Email Query to Christina Jennings re interest as Executive Producer (multi-platform) February, 2010. No response.

Kelen Content (Canada) Email Query to Tanya Kelen re interest as Executive Producer (multi-platform) January 28, 2010. Prompt, friendly decline, not taking on new projects currently & suggestion re contacting CBC Doc Zone & History Channel.

Canadian Writers Group (Canada) Email Query re interest in representation & Properties, including Ann Harvey and Harvey’s Fishing Boat (Documentary & Feature Fiction) January 27, 2010. 

Green Light Artist Management (Canada) Email Query re interest in representation & Properties (Documentary) January 25, 2010. Polite decline.

Mackay Taggart (Canada) Informal email query re interest (Radio) in Ann Harvey story January 26, 2010.

Swayze Agency (Canada) Email Query re interest in representation & Properties (Documentary) January 25, 2010. Polite decline.

Vancouver Sun (Canada) Email Query: Marke Andrews re potential media interest, Culture/History regarding Ann Harvey. January 25, 2010.

Transatlantic Literary Agency (Canada) Email Query re interest in representation & Properties (Documentary & Feature Fiction) January 25, 2010. Polite decline.

Blue Moon Productions (Canada) Email Query re interest January 10, 2010. Prompt, friendly, supportive reply from John Crampton (President) declining due to current projects underway & unable to dedicate required time to a project of this nature. 

Stormy Nights Productions (Canada) Email query re interest, submission protocol January 10, 2010. No response.

Cinémaginaire (Canada)  email query regarding contact info, submission protocol & possible interest, December 17, 2009. No response.

Blue Planet Productions (Canada) Discussion with Paul Joseph Walker regarding funding status & potential of the documentary property as well as the Fiction Feature property. Interest in location production, Newfoundland with funding in place. 

Meridian Artists (Canada) email query regarding protocol and potential for representation, October 20, 2009. No response

Xenophile Media (Canada) Informal email query to Cynthia Taylor, Director: Development, July 20, 2009. Very busy & no fruitful discussion resulted. Will follow up at later date.

Redhanded Productions (Canada) email query regarding contact info & possible interest, June 3, 2009. Friendly professional response from Melanie Windle for further information June 11, 2009

Heroic Film Company (Canada) email query regarding contact info & possible interest, April 14, 2009. No response.

Cross Country Checkup (CBC Radio One, Rex Murphy) Email query regarding potential of the story for their program. March 14, 2009 .. no response.

Globe And Mail, Canada. Email query to Leah Mclaren (writer) re potential interest in the story. March 4th, 2009 .. no response.

Museum Of Civilization, Canada. Research inquiry to Dr. Peter Rider, Director Archaeology And History, Atlantic Provinces Historian and Curator, March 3, 2009 .. Prompt response, indicating they have no research assets that could help, but will have a closer look. Further response & referrals to historians followed.

Beaver Magazine, Canada. Query re Feature Article Submission, March 3, 2009 .. ‘Hello Tom; Thanks for your query on Ann Harvey. We don’t have room, at the moment, to run a full-length feature on this. But we might consider a mention in the magazine or on our website as a news story that would focus on the efforts being made to revive the memory of this story. I’ve forwarded it on to our Currents editor, Phil Koch, to look at. Cheers. Nelle

Maritime Magazine (CBC Maritimes) Canada, Story Idea Submission/Query, March 3, 2009 ..’Hi there…thanks for the interesting pitch, but you’ll have to count me out as well, I’m afraid. (Clearly you’ll hardly be surprised by that answer, although I can assure you I have no involvement with any conspiracies.) The fact of the matter is Maritime Magazine only covers stories based in the three Maritime provinces – PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick – and they have to contain some aspect of change. By and large we don’t commission historical documentaries at all. Good luck with your project. As a native Newfoundlander, I look forward to seeing it on the air. Cheers, Christina’

Maclean’s Magazine, Canada. Query email (letters to the editor) re editorial interest in serializing articles about the story, March 3, 2009 .. “Dear Mr. O’Donnell, Thank you for your story proposal. It will be forwarded to the appropriate editors. They will be in touch with you if they decide to proceed. Best, Maclean’s” No further response.

National Post, Canada. Query email (letters to the editor) re editorial interest in the story, February 28, 2009. No response.

Maple Pictures. Canada. Follow up re previous query regarding potential interest in Documentary. Feb 6, 2009. No response.

Barna-Alper (Canada) email query re submissions protocol, scope of interest, February 2nd, 2009. Email addresses provided on their website do not appear to be functional.

Bonterra Productions Inc., (Canada) Informal email/query Jan 27, 2009 re Documentary interest. No response

The Globe and Mail, (Canada) Email query Kate Taylor re interest in the overall story December 13. Very friendly, helpful response, appears ‘newsroom’ not interested however.

The Virtual Museum of Canada, Submission Query sent December 12, 2008. Immediate response.

CBC (Canada) various Queries, cannot sign their Materials Submission Form per Dec 10, 2008. Contacted Hana Gartner, 5th Estate via their website Dec 10, 2008. No response.

National Geographic Channel (USA) Docu Query sent December 10, 2008. No response.

Lush Productions (Canada) Docu Query sent December 9, 2008. No response.

The Nightingale Company (Canada) Docu Query sent July 24, 2008. No response

ACTRA (Canada) prelim query & response July 23, 2008 re on-camera appearances of ACTRA members.

The Globe and Mail, (Canada) Email query Johanna Schneller re interest in the overall story, July 14, 2008, no response

National Film Board of Canada, Preliminary Query re Interest, July 11, 2008 (Ontario, Atlantic Centers) No Response, per re-query Dec 10, 2008, Atlantic Center will  forward to Kent Martin, Executive Director and Ontario Center to facilitate correct Submission Protocol. No further response or facilitation.

Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation, Introduction to the Project, July 11, 2008. Prompt reply from Executive Director.

NHK (Japan) Docu Query sent July 9, 2008, no response

Tricon Films & Television, (Canada) Docu Query sent July 9, 2008, no response

Rhombus Media, (Canada) Docu Query sent July 9, 2008, no response

Nomad Films, (Canada) Docu Query sent July 8, 2008, no response

Inigo Films, (Canada) Docu Query sent July 1, 2008, no response 

Robert Armstrong (Canada) Query re DOP interest, positive initial conversation June 14, 2008

Great North Artists (Canada) No response to  June 13, 2008 Query re Director Henry Sarwer-Foner interest

CBC (Canada) No response to Query re License Fees sent June 13, 2008 to Bruce Cowley.

AJE Productions (Canada) given access to blog via employment query June 11, 2008. No response.

White Pine Pictures (Canada) no response re Feature Query April 2, 2007, Docu Query sent June 10

Original Productions (USA) not accepting documentary submissions, polite response June 10, 2008

Actual Films (USA) No response to Docu Query sent June 10, 2008

KPI TV (USA) Docu Query sent June 10, 2008, with revised submissions agreement form. No further response.

PTV Productions (Canada) Docu Query sent June 10, 2008. Politely declined June 12, 2008

Lion TV (UK) Docu Query sent June 10, 2008 ‘not deliverable’ email returned

Lone Wolf Documentary Productions (USA) No response to Docu Query sent June 10, 2008

Summerhill TV (Canada) No response to Docu Query sent June 10, 2008

Pioneer TV (USA) Docu Query sent June 10, 2008. Politely declined June 12, 2008

Gala Film (Canada) No response to Docu Query sent June 10, 2008

Canada Coast Guard June 3, 2008. No response to inquiry re how the ship was named or re access to shoot on CCGS Ann Harvey. It seems the ‘naming process’ was driven by a former President of Memorial University.

Penny Noble (Gorden Pinsent agent) prompt friendly phone call, will notify Pinsent when funding is set. 

Halifax Film (Canada) prompt response to Docu/Feature Query May 1, 2008. I withheld (signed) submission of their Material Submission Agreement and thus did not send Synopsis.

Suzanne DePoe (Canada) Friendly, helpful decline re Film Agent Query April 23, 2008

Don Carmody (Canada) Polite, friendly, prompt Decline, not in their scope of production

Maple Pictures (Canada) no response re Docu or Feature Query April 22, 2008

Westwood Creative Artists (Canada) Film Agent Query April 22, 2008 Declined July 4, 2008

Panic Pictures (Canada) no response to Film Agent Query April 22, 2008

Human Scale Productions (Canada) no response to Docu or Feature Query April 22, 2002

Mongrel Media (Canada) polite, prompt response re Feature/Docu Query April 24, 2008 and polite, personal reply July 14, 2008 that property does not fit current acquisitions strategy.


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June 10, 2008 at 1:32 pm

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